Saturday, January 17, 2009

The High Seas

Passenger lists are another source of information. They fill in information about events in a person's life and they provide birth dates and birthplaces. Passenger lists from the mid-1800s and earlier usually provided name, age and nativity. Click on the images on the right to enlarge. In some cases you may click again to further enlarge.

Using the once again we find three lists that have George. The first image is from Feb. 20, 1935. George, Claire and Julia are arriving in New York. They had sailed from Southampton, England on the SS Manhattan.

They are numbered 27-29. George's birthday is listed as Feb. 6, 1894. The month and day reflects his actual birth certificate date but the year is off by one. On a lot of other documents George's birthday is Feb.7. George was born in Baltimore, Claire was born in Jefferson, Georgia and Julia was born in Athens Georgia.

The second image is from the SS Monarch of Bermuda arriving in New York on Feb. 26, 1937. George and Claire are listed as number 9 and 10. On this document their home address is listed as 173 Riverside Drive, New York.

The third image is also from the SS Monarch of Bermuda arriving in New York on March 4, 1938. George and Claire are listed as number 16 and 17.


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Friday, January 16, 2009

Havana Nights

After the conclusion of the 1920 season, the Yankees went to Cuba to play exhibition games. George needed a passport.

Passports are rich with information. Birth dates, residing address, nativity, nativity of the father, names of companions, testimony from someone that knows you, plus a photograph.

Once again we use the service to find George in the passport records. Click on the image to the right to enlarge. In some cases you may have to click again to make it larger.

George is residing at 674 west 161st Street in New York. However the instruction at the bottom of the second page says for it to be sent to the Ansonia Hotel. His father was native-born residing in Baltimore from 1871 to 1917.

There are two affidavits of identification. The second affidavit is from Brother Paul at St. Mary's Industrial School. He states that George was born May 18, 1894. Who knows what the source is of his error?

The document also states that his wife Helen would be travelling with him. There is a good photo of George. Half of Helen's face is obscured. However, there is another nice autograph of the Babe at the bottom of the first page.


Ansonia Hotel

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